First project update.

Placeholder Survivor & Poltergeist models.

WIP main menu with placeholder music

Hands (if gadget is equipped) follows player head direction.

Flashlight with primary action, toggle light.

Currently survivors can equip gadgets in hands, belt, head (like headlamp) and shoulders One gadget can have two functions, need to figure out more how to use them…
Currently to use primary functions

  • left mouse button : left hand gadget
  • right mouse button : right hand gadget
  • 1 : left shoulder
  • 2 : head
  • 3 : right shoulder
  • z : left belt slot
  • c : right belt slot

Gadget can be wielded by one or two hands. \

If gadget is only held in one hand then obviously you can equip two gadgets at same time BUT there is a chance that paranormal entity can pull gadgets out of your hand. If gadget is held with both hands then is highly unlikely paranormal entity can pull it from your hand. Shoulder slot and head slot are immune to such behaviour but are only available to certain survivors.

Stay tuned for updates!